A Trip to Clear Our Heads

It was true we needed to get away for a bit…see some new sights, regain perspective on our creative endeavors, visit some friends and family, connect.  Well it worked sooo well that I came home and forgot about all the stuff I normally do, like blogs…oops.  So here is the long and laborious journey…mostly sights, not too much art, lots of fun…

We left after a nice day with Sidney…

Trip 1 GF and SRH

and headed north up along the Hood Canal on a sunny and hot (85 in April?) day…

Trip 2 Hood Canal

We arrived at Linnea’s for a good dinner, lots of talk about Whitman College (Linnea and R both graduated from Whitman 50 years ago!) our families and activities…catching up.  Linnea (retired library director) was a fantastic tour guide and our days in Port Townsend were sunny and bright and interesting.

Port Townsend, for those who haven’t been there, is a place apart.  And I have come to love such places…long drives off freeways, no nearby metropolitan areas, no big box strips…what I guess I think America was like before freeways and strip malls were invented.  Many such places have become meccas for 70’s hippies (we are those, I guess), trust fund kids avoiding the corporate world, artists…often there is nearby water for sports and daring-do.  Port Townsend sits on a point of land surrounded by bays and straits and sounds….its founders felt it would become the New York of the west…hurray it didn’t.  Kayaks and canoes are here.  Wooden boat-building is key, sailboats big enough to go on the sound and the ocean…We went to see the sights and have some great meals (good restaurants and coffee abound…thankfully) in restaurants and made by loved ones.  Here’s how it went…

First the post office to get Linnea’s mail…

trip post office (1)

then the Jefferson County Courthouse…visible from everywhere in town with an almost Richardsonian facade…

trip court house 3Trip Court house

Flowers are everywhere…

Tr5ip rugosastrip more roses

trip city of flowers

lunch at the Hudson Point Cafe…

trip cafe door

Trip Point Hudson

Trip cafe tab;e 1

…a town of wooden buildings…

trip old wooden buildings

good food…

trip bakery


Trip coffeetrip coffee (1)


trip view from Karen's

trip PT

lots of public foot paths…

trip public trail sign

…friends.  We had a great fish stew and lively conversation with Christine and Ole.  Christine Hemp is a poet and we visited their “compound” of writing cottage…

Trip Christine (1)Ttrip writing cottage

and bow-making studio…Ole Kanestrom is a bow maker…

Trip Workshop

here’s the bow stock…

trip bow stock

and the inlaid and gorgeous finished bows…(as I write this they are off to a week in Amsterdam delivering some bows to musicians…)

trip bows

trip bow book 3

trip bow boook

trip bow book 2

Inside awaited our fish stew and some Blue Hour conversation…

fish stew

trtip Blue Hour (1)

seeing a few favorite pieces of art…like these two Dan Schmidt paintings (Dan now of NYC)

Trip Dan 2 (1)

Trip Dan 1

messing around with Ole’s pen and talking of a Spencerian hand…

trip drawing

trip writing

and then a fond farewell.

One more day which included a picnic at Fort Flagler…one of three forts guarding the entrance to Puget Sound…Fort Worden is in Port Townsend, Fort Flagler is on the tip of Marrowstone Island, and Fort Casey is on Whidbey Island, our Friday destination….

trip fort map

trip Flagler


(This photo cracks me up…with my polarized sun glasses I couldn’t see the shadow of my hands and the phone…I LIKE it!)

trip iphone picnic

Back to PT for coffee at Sweet Laurette’s

trip Sweet Laurette's

the movies at the Rose Theater…

trip Rose theater

and we LOVED this one…

trip City of Gold

out for dinner and more chat…and luckily there’s a good restaurant right next door…

trip restaurant

one last Blue Hour view…where we’ll catch the ferry Friday…


Up early for a quick breakfast at Sweet Laurette’s…WHAT?  Karen from Salem sitting outside with her NYTimes…small world…

trip Karen

down to the Ferry…

Trip ferry line (1)

Look…there’s the post office on the hill…

trip ferry line

Goodbye Port Townsend…

trip goodbye Port Townsend

trip view

trip sky

Hello Coupeville…

trip hello Coupeville

coupeville dock

Coupeville coffee

…a drive down Whidbey Island to catch the ferry to Mukilteo and then heading on to Bru and LeeAnn’s in Ballard for dinner…


where we caught up with our much loved but rarely seen nephew Sam…AND LOOK WHAT HE’S UP TO…whittling spoons… Beautiful…

trip Sam 1 (1)trip Sam 2

Saturday quilt day for me, with show and tell at Sally’s…this group of women is talented, loving and kind…nothing better…

Trip Sally (1)

trip Sally (2)

trip LA Q

trip Kaleidescope 1

trip kaleidescope 3

trip Kaleridescope 2

trip me (1)

trip me 2

Mary, LeeAnn, Sally, Sujata and Tina…

trip nice quilters

Breakfast Sunday and off we go…goodbye Seattle!  Heading home.



trip rain

Stop in Portland for a coffee…

trip rememberiing

…a Sidney sleepover…here’s what I saw while doing my stretches on the floor…

and then finally home…ahhhh.  News from the Snail Blog…

trip post cards

Happy to go, happy to come home.











  1. We lived on whidbey for 12 years and spent so many wonderful days in port townsend, Edison, anacortes, bow, bellingham. Edison has a wonderful art gallery and bakery that was one of our favorite day trips.

  2. Another beautiful, fabulous blog. Eye candy and delicious. I felt as if I took the trip with you two. Thank you.

  3. And happy to have you back. My sister and i made a similar trip 20 yrs. ago….i will forward this to her in the hopes it brings back as many fond memories for her as it did for me. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I enjoyed this post .. So l read it twice! Loved the quilts and ,of course ,the better living with coffee cup.

  5. Lovedlovedloved every photo and word written! Your entire trip was one I took joy in tagging along with you. So very rich: in beauty, friends, family, foods,quilts, even a maker of beautiful bows! Thanks for the in-depth descriptions.

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