The SIX at the Beach

The work of a Salem group of women artists has been up at the Compass Gallery this month…me, Katy Viegland, Kathy Shen, Nancy Eng, Tory Brokenshire and Dayna Collins.


We get together monthly, often to make work, sometimes for a brief road trip.  A couple of times every year we “retreat” for four or so days to work and talk…but mostly work.  And eat…going out for dinner at the end of long work days is restorative, and at the beach we chose places with a good view or with good karma.

We took over the Green’s beach house on day one and within the hour everybody was set up and working…

Dayna's set-up

Tory's set-up

Nancy on the deck

Kathy on the deck

and the first night we ate at Kyllo’s


the sun was so bright Dayna had to go into movie star mode…


I, as usual, just kept drawing…

Kyllos 1



the first days were sunny on the deck…


but then the mist started rolling in…

IMG_8890with the sun breaking through at night number two’s dinner venue Tidal Raves…

Tidal Raves

…me still drawing…

D 1

and then day three the rains started in earnest causing the necessity for creative rainwear…

rain hat

off to Newport for dinner number three at Cafe Mundo, a favorite of painter Rick Bartow…

Cafe Mundo

Mundo interior

we were six and couldn’t sit at one of the tables the late and lamented Bartow painted…

Bartow table

but we did sit across from a wonderful Bartow painting with an homage twirling in front of it…

paying up

Bartow detail


and then I headed down the street to my own cozy cottage for an early morning get-away…






  1. my personal fav of your drawings, bonnie, is the one at kylos with all the subtle reflections of faces in the window. we’ve never eaten at any of the 3 places you gals went to. is the food good as well as the vibe and/or views?

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