Tuesday Quilt Group

Once a month we come together from our different lives and different points of view to sit for a few hours, do a show and tell, and then companionably work.  It is this exact thing, this feeling of sitting and working in a group of talented people, that I am only now coming to understand as a truly energizing moment in my life.

Yesterday we were at Deanna’s and the show and tell was beyond lovely.  Deanna’s grandmother and Lynda’s grandmother were sisters.  They each have quilts made by their grandmothers, and both Deanna and Lynda come out of a tradition of quilting.  The first quilt Deanna showed us was one with a familiar star…

the flower-star

the day a few months ago that I showed this wacky quilt I was working on…

trip me 2

Deanna and Lynda spotted it immediately as a pattern their grandmothers had used…

f-s 2

f-s 4

and then we saw some more quilts…

q 4q 2q 1

with the best/worst story of this quilt…

car quilt

which Deanna rescued from her brother who was using it on the roof of his car to pad his bike….arggghhh?!

and then we  had some coffee and did some work…



Kate (1)




See you in July at my house!


  1. AHA! i “see”? says the blind woman who could not figure out how the shaped pieces were sewn…applique? turned under and handstitched or machine sewn. no ironing board needed?

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