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It’s interesting how every community is composed of overlapping circles of smaller communities…we, for instance, are part of a neighborhood community, a preservation community, an art community, a university community, a garden community and more.  We value these circles and like the network they provide for us.

In addition to the above, I’m a member of the community of quilters and the heart of that little community for decades has been Greenbaum’s Quilted Forest.  It’s kind of like “Cheers”…everybody knows your name.  Store owners Sylvia and Bill Dorney are friends and neighbors…both are past traditional retirement age, both are wanting less work and more time with grandsons, travel, fun…we all get THAT.  The business has been for sale for two years, with the Dorney’s agreeing before it went on the market that after two years if it hadn’t sold they would close.  Today’s headline tells the tale.

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Sylvia and Bill took over the dry-goods business that had been in Sylvia’s family for 116 years and re-imagined it into a quilt store, just as people were not sewing their own clothes but WERE starting to quilt.  I wasn’t a quilter at the time and wondered how that would go for them…gang-busters is the answer.  Over the years the store was often rated in the top 20 of such stores nationally.

They knew their clientele, they were willing to order things you might need, and their stock was up to the minute.  So today I went in for a last haul BEFORE the sales start as a thank-you for all this place has meant to me and to so many of us.  I shopped big and it was fun…but sad.  No more turkey pops at Thanksgiving, no more red punch cards, no more good advice about the best way to do this or that, or help choosing the PERFECT backing or how to store 5 yards of wool batting…yep…we a little bit have our hearts broken today.  We know we’ll heal BUT…here’s how it looked…




here’s store mascot Lovey…


G9 (1)



Lisa cutting my batting…a 16 year employee with a LOT of know-how…



redeeming my last punch cards…


The only good part was Sylvia’s grin from ear to ear.  Good bye friends.