The Proofs Arrived!

Roger Hull has been researching, writing, interviewing and thinking about the Portland modernist painter Louis Bunce for 3 years, at least.  As usual I’ve had the most interesting time tagging along to lenders, archives, museums and galleries as Roger pulled together the story of Bunce’s life and work…a VERY fascinating story.  The book, “Louis Bunce: Dialogue with Modernism” is written, and yesterday the proofs arrived from the designer.  As many times as this has happened, and this is the ninth book about regional art and artists that he has written, this moment of the box arriving (nowadays from Fed-ex) is always exciting.  Of course these days there’s a PDF but Roger always prefers to have one hard copy for a final edit.  Here’s a sneak preview….

Bunce 1

Bunce 2

Bunce 4 (1)

Bunce 4

Bunce 5

Bunce 6

The big painting show will open in January with the work on paper opening on November 5th…more specifics as we get closer…this calls for a toast!!

Bunce 7


  1. WOW! nic & i can hardly wait. we are true fans of roger’s writing as well as sharing in his belief in these regional artists that he is “uncovering”. reading tom wolfe at this moment, “hooking up”, and so ready to move on to a loving account of the life of another fellow working artist from the hood. thank you bonnie. thank you R.

  2. Am very much looking forward to another of Roger’s books. Just finished the Nelson Sandgren a while ago so am ready for Louis. Roger’s contributions to the stories of Northwest artists are noteworthy treasures. Good luck with the editing and congratulations. B

  3. Looking forward to the book and show. Never met Louis, but he has two creative and interesting brothers across the river at the River Gallery in Independence. And I feel fortunate to have met them.

  4. The photo’s of the book you shared look beautiful. I will treasure this book, as I have all of the books Roger has written regarding Pacific Northwest Artists.

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