Yep…it has been sort of winter-quiet here…head colds, PT, stuff.  Not much shopping this year, but the trees are up…




and today…SNOW!   The elf drove me out and about…


the first camellia was unceremoniously dislodged


and here’s how it looked from 12:30 on:



but we got home in time for a coffee and a fireside reading marathon…


Let it snow…tiddily pom.


  1. Your photos are so beautiful, so sweet, so charmingly peaceful. What a treat! I’m glad you got out and about and BACK again. It took my son & his wife more than 4 rather terrible hours to get home from work today. The bridge is closed for the 1st time in my memory. No one on the West side may have a heart attack or a baby or any emergency requiring the hospital. With so many very bad wrecks, there was not a single police car or emergency vehicle to be seen. Wallace Rd. was closed as was Orchard Heights and eventually all the main arterial routes. So see how fortunate you two were! Nobody knows, tiddly pom, how cold your toes, tiddly pom, might have grown, tiddly pom, were you stuck in this snow!

  2. You’ve warmed my heart, once again. Your tree is so lovely with everything in it’s perfect place….and that mug…OMG, who could not smile when seeing that!
    Love the” tiddly pom,” poem your friend SDM wrote!
    So glad i got my errands all run Tues. I prefer looking at snow as to being out in it.

    1. Thanks Shirley…”Tiddily Pom” is from Winnie the Pooh By A.A.Milne…”The more is snows (Tiddily pom) the more it goes (Tiddily pom) the more it goes (Tiddily pom) on snowing. And nobody knows (Tiddily pom) how cold my toes (Tiddily pom) how cold my toes (Tiddily pom) are growing.”

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