Artist in Residence at the Annex


I’m having fun this month, doing one of the things I love to do…drawing.  In 2010 I was lucky enough to be the first Artist in Residence at the Annex at Bush Barn Art Center.  The luxury of having a project-oriented studio was new to me and very exciting, and I so appreciate this program that Salem Art Association has as an on-going part of the community arts and education arm of the organization.  This winter I’ve been lucky enough to reprise my experience in the newly remodeled Annex and the same sense of excitement is in the room.  I started February 13th and work on until March 8 and urge you to come down and draw or chat or sew.  I’m formally there Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 to 3, plus some other times too.  The beautiful new Annex is open during Bush Barn open hours and my work is on view.  The other day there were 4 artists sitting at a table drawing and talking and it was fascinating and fun.  Here’s some images of my day to day work…come on down…

Day one was setting up…I’m using plant material as my starting point and the Annex sits in a beautiful rose garden…some plants were saved for me and I brought them inside…



Paper went up on the walls, panels have been prepared…


luncheon has been served on rose plates I made in 2010…


witch hazel has crept in…I’m working with wax and graphite and ink and gouache



Elizabeth even brought me some witch hazel in bloom from her own garden…


Lindsey came and brought some plant material from Gaiety Hollow…



Kay came to sew…



Christine and Katy, Corrie and Jim and Jo…


one morning I found something somebody had left for me…


See you soon…







  1. Great space. Beautiful work. Interesting media choices. Love the witch hazel drawing! Hope to see you there before this moment melts away.

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