I published this on my birthday in 2009 and every year since, but I still think it tells my story so let’s go again…

Today is my birthday and I’ve attained a certain age.  I have plans, things to do, places to go.  But today I’m looking back.


(I tried to cut my own bangs–oops.)

For a few years after “the war,” I was an only child.  We lived in an apartment in Chicago where I played.

buggy-me snow-me1 bike-me

I REALLY wanted to be a “cowgirl.”  I dreamed of the far west.  I idolized Hopalong Cassidy.


While I was running around the streets pretending to be this and that, my parents were building a new house and having a new baby.


I noticed immediately that the driveway made a PERFECT stage:

driveway-1 dress-up-me

Time passed and many new houses were built filling up the street, new brothers arrived.


Eventually they all moved into a bigger  house, but by then I was gone, starting a new life.  I moved to the far west to be a cowgirl.

Here’s to another year of fun, out on the ranch!!!


  1. I do love that story and the pictures! I called a couple of days ago to see if you had b’day plans..know this is your Sydney day but would like to celebrate at any point! Let me know your schedule..


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  2. Happy birthday! My Friend, may your day be a very special day. I enjoy seeing these older photos ,they make me smile … the older cars ,the baby buggy and the little girl with a dream. I didn’t see any Buster Brown black and white shoes though..😄

    1. Deb my day was perfect…guess I better do a follow up on it…yep, the old black and whites certainly date me but they have a certain charm…xxoo to you…”My name’s Buster Brown I live in a shoe here’s my dog Tighe he lives here too…?”

  3. Blessings on your birthday, my dear! Yes, yes! Hopalong Cassidy, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, the Lone Ranger were all there in my cowgirl dreams!
    Have a wonderful day! Yippee ki yay!! 🐴🌵

      1. You are absolutely correct! Buttermilk was often my choice when I played horses as a little girl. (belated) Happy Birthday and best wishes for a new year.

  4. I hope your birthday was a very happy one! I do love this rendition of your life so far. It makes me smile. I love that little girl in her cowboy outfit…and the big girl who came out west to grace us with her wonderful self! We are so lucky for it!

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