Farewell to Louis Bunce

The Louis Bunce show “Dialogue with Modernism” closed at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art Sunday, with curator Roger Hull leading one last gallery tour.

Here’s Roger talking about Portland painter George Johanson’s portrait of Louis and one of Bunce’s beautiful Harold Street paintings (on the right)…

and here’s a snapshot of Louis talking intently with painter Willem de Kooning in de Kooning’s Long Island studio in 1972, with Portland sculptor Manuel Izquierdo on the left and Portland painter George Johanson just behind Bunce…Bunce and de Kooning were old friends from “back in the day” when Bunce lived and painted in NYC…

and Bunce’s studio on Harold Street in Portland…

The four years of sleuthing, of archives, of visits with collectors…all came to an end…all the things Roger found and put in the show, and all the things that got away…

What a fascinating process as we’ve slowly come to know Louis…a terrific painter and a person who had a lot of fun…(here with George Johanson)

the last paintings…

curator Roger Hull

painter Louis Bunce…



  1. Last Tuesday I deeply enjoyed an unhurried stroll through the exhibit, making mental notes and plans to attend this last tour. I did not, however, write it down, and so… it did not happen. Still, quite glad to have seen these pieces and read these stories.

  2. Thank you, Bonnie, for the extra guidance over time through the wonderful Bunce exhibition as discovered, pursued, studied, curated and gorgeously presented for our delight by Roger. Your blog has added so much to the awareness and exploration of this grand effort. (Not to mention Roger’s fine book…or actually, to indeed mention loudly!) THANKS to the R & B team! (all rhythm, no blues!)

  3. How exciting to see an art show from the inside out. I couldn’t be there in person but it felt like I was. Thanks. Mary Elizabeth

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