Sidney Day

For three years R and I have spent one day a week with our grandson Sidney.  In September Sidney will be in school everyday and our daycare days will end, so these last few “Sidney Days” are precious…this week we had coffee and bubbles on the deck

then headed downtown to Blackfish gallery to see the “We the People” show…I asked Sidney if this was Wonder Woman…?

and he said “oh no Nana, Wonder Woman is the one in the underpants with stars”

Sidney made friends with Henry (visiting Portland from LA) in the park…

and we had PBJ at Pearl Bakery…as these days draw to a close I looked at some of the HUNDREDS of photos I’ve taken over these years so here’s a quick review…

wherein you can see that reading, park visits, Lonely Planet lunches, certain favorite locations for photos (like outside the cupcake store), visiting friends, urban hikes have all been terrific…

and as a result we are in the “NO PHOTO” phase…

but I’m sneaky…and though Sidney will still be a big part of our lives, these days of roaming around the city, conkers, snoopy park, the bubble dad at piccolo, dinosaur lunches are drawing to close, and they have been FUN!  The boy is growing up…





  1. awww! i feel for you. how well i remember when our nathan “grew up”. it feels to your readers that we too have spent this time with sidney. “underpants with stars” is calling it as it appears. : )

  2. Tears, laughs then tears again. Kids, grandkids and great grandkids are what it’s all about. Thanks for sharing. Love Mary Elizabeth

  3. Oh my how time has flown by so quickly! He’s growing up into such a nice looking boy. It will be exciting to watch him learn . Thank you for sharing him with us bloggers, I’ve enjoyed watching him grow. Will miss his dinosaur play.

  4. What a wonderful gift you have given to Sidney but also to yourselves. Being able to actively grandparent is a precious thing. Good for everyone involved.

  5. Oh Sidney, how and why do they grow up so quickly. I have so enjoyed these posts of your once a week visits with Sidney. What a wonderful memory bank you have given him. Thank you and Sidney for sharing.

    1. Jane I somehow knew one day, when he was about 9 months and a little blond cutie pie, that this was a really special moment that would not come again in my life…with three little brothers, a sweet son and now grandson my life has always been filled with wonderful small boys…

  6. Have enjoyed every min. with Sidney. You were very lucky to have had so much time with him, and we have been lucky you shared.

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