The Dying Cedar

We’re mourning a dying cedar tree when there are many more things to grieve about just now…but this tree has provided us shade and shelter for many years…a buffer from a busy traffic corner (our garden is the definition of rus in urbe).  It has that familiar dying cedar look to it (over the years two others on the perimeter have been lost.)  It isn’t our tree…and the owner of the house lives in Amsterdam (talk about absentee landlords!)

So as we were contemplating the matter one evening R wondered allowed how big the tree had been when we moved into the house…and it looked like this…

why, it was hardly more than a big Christmas tree!  And as it grew the garden got shadier and shadier and we replanted…

…something was added…

and so we’re waiting for the final chapter…



  1. When we lost the row of cedars between our original Salem house and the one we built in the early 1980’s we were told that these cedars have a definite lifespan, but also we felt that the changes to our piece of land when we built the house might have been the reason why they died when they did. We missed them when they were gone, and we had to build a fence there.

  2. I know just how you feel, Bonnie. We grow to love the trees around our homes for all they offer us. We’re losing an ash to emerald ash borer. It nearly breaks my heart to lose that tree, one that has offered so much shade and beauty to our home.

    1. Nancy we are trying to see the shift as being an opportunity rather than a negative? But it still seems sad to lose this tree, especially as it was planted by our neighbor Lucille who lived in that house 41 years. On we go…

  3. Feeling your pain. To me, trees are such spiritual beings. Yes, I talk to mine, and they talk back. I have lost some lovely friends in the last 36 years. But now we sing, “Let the Sunshine in!”

    1. Shirley as the tree grew and shaded the rose garden I moved all the roses to the fron…now I’d like to do something to the front…maybe I’ll move all the roses back!?

  4. They are sentient beings for sure. This will be a major loss. I know I miss the trees that came down with the harvest that were not planned to come down. I did walk through the trees before the harvest and thanked them and said goodbye…I feel this way for all the trees that have survived over the years. Heart ache for you.

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