The Trip Part two: Art on the Road

So leaving Carolyn, we headed to Bakersfield, CA…

to see a set of five large paintings by Lucinda Parker, the Portland painter who R is currently writing about (and thinking curatorial thoughts about for a show in January of 2019 at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art in Salem).  These paintings were  a series of five titled collectively “Water Paintings” painted in 2012, commissioned for the site at the U.S. Federal Courthouse with the architects (NBBJ Architects of Seattle) designing recessed panels in the walls to accommodate the paintings.  The thematic was water and all the way to Bakersfield we saw these aqueducts in the midst of a hot and desert-ish landscape.

So it was no surprise to find one of Parker’s paintings looking like this…

Getting into this building was similar to taking a plane someplace, (except for the hoards also going through TSA at the airport…)

As he is so fond of saying…”The art historian’s work is never done….”

I liked this set of five …they were alive with motion and color…


The paintings must look great at night through these windows…!

and, oddly, in a state with a water crisis, in an arid climate that relies on irrigation…what do you think is outside…?

We then visited the nearby Bakersfield Museum of Art…a nice small museum.

The exhibition in the main gallery featured the work of LA artist, Swedish born painter Astrid Preston…who “…has explored the real and invented landscape for over 30 years.”   I liked them…

(This one’s for Tory)

and in the smaller gallery the work of another LA artist, Javier Carrillo.  Carillo is young, came to the US as a youngster led through the desert by the “Coyotes” and his series of poignant prints and paintings tell his own story…

Guess what the Museum had as well…

BUT, after all, it was our 48th anniversary so we headed to Palm Springs for some R&R…





  1. WOW! WOW! WOW! and happy 48th anniversary you two!
    alas, for anyone who has given up on this blog. or who merely “lurk”.
    you are a gifted archivist/photographer/artist/reporter-at-large bonnie, and even tho you do not have red hair nor are a cartoon Brenda Star, i will always think of you as our regional BStar. we love your blog and this is one ace of a road trip. it shows what work goes into R’s monographs, and why they are so rich with firsthand looking. and why your records of it all are so important.

  2. Happy Anniversary! It looks like you had a good trip. I think I told you that I was born in Palm Springs. I haven’t been there for ages.. My sister and brother are still in the area..

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