The Return of Sidney Day…Yay!

Well it’s been two months since our last “Sidney Day” and the start of full time school.  We’ve only managed one visit in that time, and I have been missing the weekly view into this energetic life.  But…hooray…we’re back on track for our mostly-weekly visits.

We picked Sidney up at school Monday and saw his big-boy locker…

We headed to Grand Central for an after-school snack, nicely shared with Bunny

We headed home for a little traditional “Singing in the Rain”

saw the pumpkin he drew and Dad carved…

watched costume adjustment…(yes, a carrot CAN run…)

and here’s what I think…




  1. So glad to have Sidney back on board. I love your sharings … nature, art and everyday “gettin’ it done”. Your smiles are always welcome in my mailbox.

  2. Hooray hooray for Sidney Day! Love seeing that boy and his Granddad…very few glimpses of Grandma. ( Oh! she must be behind the camera!) Singin’ in the Rain is one of our very favorites with our Alexander days. Glad to see this boy of yours who is getting so big! Amazing how that happens. Thanks for sharing.

    1. SDM It was so nice to see the tall and handsome Alexander at Halloween…(and his beautiful Mama of course)…this week we’re going to try “Make ’em Laugh” from Singin in the Rain at Tracey’s suggestion…:-) xo

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