Elizabeth Bauman and Bonnie Hull at CARV

On May 1, 2017, Elizabeth Bauman and I had a pink gesso party…

We wanted to do a collaborative thing…separate but equal…so we mixed up a big vat of pink gesso and each gessoed six big pieces of paper.

we chose a spot high on the wall in the workroom at our studio (Studios at the Mill…10 artists, 10 studios, a kitchen and a workroom) and I took the north side of the room and Elizabeth took the south side, photographically speaking.  My half looked like this:

We repaired to our studios and worked away, not seeing each other’s work, until we were hanging all twelve up in October for an Open Studio event.  I was using gouache, Elizabeth used acrylic.  My work time looked like this:

and so on.  When we had the final “reveal” while putting them up, we really laughed at some similarities…one of our studio-mates, the much-loved Rollie Wisbrock, died in the summer and we both included Rollie’s turquoise studio door in a painting…me (and additionally we had a bee infestation at home):

and Elizabeth (a caboose was delivered to the Willamette Heritage Center site where our studios are located):

I was obsessed with Sara’s description of “mean fish”

Elizabeth was overwhelmed with the natural disasters…floods, volcanoes, the world in flux…

We both were thinking of the eclipse…Me (and also a great brown and white transferware dish I broke…nuts):

and Elizabeth (who did some camping last summer):

we were both working with plants and shadows and reflections…Me:

and Elizabeth:

and so on.  we put the show up:

and when Katherine Cellerini Moore visited she asked if we would exhibit the work at Rose Villa Retirement Center where she was directing the CARV (Creative Arts at Rose Villa) program.  She wanted additional work as well so we agreed that we’d each do some painting on wood panel…and Elizabeth did…here they are:

Pretty nice, huh?   I, on the other hand proceeded to get the flu (twice) and was out of commission for 6 weeks, so fell back on a triptych I painted in California in September while visiting my friend Carolyn Schneider.  Carolyn has a huge studio and we try and paint together for a week every year.  This year it looked like this:

the show at Rose Villa in Milwaukie went up the 10th and this coming Wednesday, March 21, Elizabeth and I will be giving a talk at 6:30 p.m….come see us talk about the work and the process if you’re out and about.  Visiting Artists Bonnie and Elizabeth Poster.sm




  1. so fun to be having fun again, looking with interest at your posts. the architecture backdrop with the wildest images (those GREAT bees & angry fish)…thank you for always sharing so much.

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