Rob Bibler at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art

If, like me, you missed Rob Bibler’s gallery talk today at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, you have another chance as he’ll be in the gallery talking about his beautiful work on Tuesday June 19, 2018, at 12:30.  The exhibit of his work on paper, 1974-2017, is on view in the study gallery and the print study center (both on the second floor) at the museum until July 15th.  The show is beautifully curated by Collections Curator Jonathan Bucci showing the full range of a consummate draftsman and artist.

We hardly ever get to see a tour de force drawing show these days, and what a breath of fresh air.  Sure, confident, expressive…the drawings are very controlled but there is a wonderful freedom in the pure ability and delight in drawing.  He can really draw and he likes it, and we do too.

There are fascinating details everywhere…


but the hands are the thing…

R WAS able to attend the lecture today, and he said Rob acknowledged that indeed, as those who draw know, hands are hard to draw…and that’s why he likes them.

He likes the Renaissance and classical references

he likes the expressiveness of gesture

and we love to look over his shoulder as he goes…

Rob Bibler taught drawing and film history at Chemeketa Community College for 30 years, organized a wonderful Wednesday night film series at the local Elsinore Theater where his written notes were as much of a draw for some of us as the films themselves.  His love of film is clear in these drawings to me…you’d like to see each one expand into a continuing narrative…  He spoke today about use of photos as reference tools in such detailed drawings, but also photos as reference in service to a heavy teaching load and a busy life…a life for not much time to sit with a model.  For me the very use of photos provides the imaginative life that these drawings have…Get this exhibit on your calendar.




  1. I attended the gallery talk today. It expanded my knowledge and appreciation for Rob’s work immensely but also enlightened me about so much more. I learned about light and dark, structure and fluidity, placement in a painting, how history can play a part in what an artist does, about the spiritual reality of objects, and it all just about blew my mind!
    If you want to really hear about what is going on in a piece of art work TREAT YOURSELF to Rob Bibler’s next gallery talk. So, so thought provoking.

  2. It was a beautiful show and Bonnie thank you for reminding me of the talk on the 19th. I shall try not to miss it.

  3. lois says it all. rob is a natural teacher, sharing generously what he has come to know as well as how he came to know it. he is as fine a speaker as he is an artist. a not-to-be missed experience close up with a drawing master.

  4. It has been my most fortunate experience to have taken both Drawing and Film Studies from Rob. The eloquence of his line and spoken word were magical. His classes were always looked forward to, full of information and challenge. See you the 19th!!!

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