The Lovely Variety of a Day

It WAS Sidney day but it began quietly on the deck doing my five 1-minute warmup drawings of my breakfast (Hi Katy)…

then the dash to Portland to pick-up Sidney from Camp and grab some lunch for us…

before heading off to the last swimming lesson with Sam who miraculously has taught this boy to swim and dive and love the water in just one month through patience and fun and trust…

Back in the car…

after practicing our scariest faces (and luckily here Sidney didn’t have a camera on me…)

while heading over to Lucinda Parker’s studio to see the newest mountain paintings…(about to leave the studio for their next home in a new building on Broadway…)


Sidney (in his shark towel) was interested in the thumbnail version of the study Cindy had been using as a guide…(and was also fascinated by all the paint dripped on the walls and the floor…)

Here’s a smaller piece…

and a note from a small admirer…

studio visits, while fun, are tiring sometimes…

so we headed to pick up some Thai food and had a chat about the whereabouts of the “fried chicken”

followed by a big family celebration and a dash home for bed and a couple of stories.  By the time R and I got back to Salem, where we were warned about “Night Paving,” we were nearly cross-eyed…


  1. bonnie, your grand babe in the shark towel tickled us. and that drive home you two made after a full day raised goosebumps. love “on the way”. so much more intimate and interesting than the daily news. thanks for keeping your blog (and you & roger) alive.

  2. Love that little admirers note, children’s art is a favorite. Sure wished Sidney had a camera.😁 Sidney did great on his faces,but I do I know if you did?!😉 delightful post,Bonnie,thanks for sharing!

  3. That little boy is growing, growing. I love his shark towel. Terrific that he knows how to swim. I always love your blogs. The paintings are fabulous. I am looking forward to her show at Hallie Ford next year.

  4. What a splendid day!! And, I loved seeing Lucinda’s powerful new paintings
    of the mountain. They”knock your socks off!” Nancy

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