The Grands

I might have mentioned we have a new granddaughter coming soon!  Sidney turns 5 this Friday and within a couple of weeks will be joined by his sister Vivien Grace.  Sidney and his Mom came down to Salem for lunch Saturday which turned out to be the perfect moment to turn over the quilts…

Two are wonderful vintage quilts, and then I made one of my own.  I was looking at a painting by Aaron Tucker

and decided to use it as the touchstone for my thinking, going forward…

VG label

VG naming label

Sidney Hull is a puzzle wizard now doing mostly 750 piece grown-up puzzles, but he put all seven of the kid puzzles together here in short order

and then we took a few rides on the carousel…

and a romp in the park…

and Sidney found a painted rock!  Good luck ahead!


  1. That quilt is precious! I love that Vivien’s name is in several places!

    Sent from my iPhone Carol L. Green


    1. Thanks Shirley…more fun and personal than a painting…and a very lovely meditation on children, childhood, the love of parents and grandparents during the quilting. A true enjoyment for me.

  2. I just love your baby quilt for Vivien! What a treasure she’ll have from you.😍 enjoyed the details you showed with al, that lovely stitching!

  3. Oh Bonnie!

    How beautiful and fun and creative and joyous is the quilt you composed for Vivien! What a blessing to have a loving artist grandmother.

    Frances Barnes

    1. Thanks Frances…It IS kind of a nice legacy. I have a recipe in my Mom’s handwriting, corrections on it in my Nana’s handwriting, and my little girl name written in my hand on the bottom…my most prized family possession…

  4. Your quilt for Vivien is everything you do best with quilts, using your painter’s eye, your playful stitching-some of it very fancy-and heaps of love. Can’t think of a better welcome for a new granddaughter. Xo

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