Yesterday at quilt group at Kate’s…

Bunny told us she was folding all her fabric after watching Marie Kondo (“Spark of Joy”…? “Tidying Up”?) and she was amazed at how useful the bins of fabric are when the fabric is folded and visible.  After a year of sewing with inadequate space for  sewing or making, a year of messes only half cleaned up, my brain seems to totally want a shift to a larger space, without the reality of one available.  So today…a windy rainy afternoon…

I attacked the green bin…

I ironed, I folded, I listened to Roman Mars…and…VOILA

the trouble is, there is still blue, red, orange, pink, yellow, gray

Dark fell,

time to go home…

dinner prep was all ready

another day…



  1. Same thing happened in my sewing room! Watched the Kondo series and felt better. Then realized I had
    to actually do the tidying up. Got one bin sorted and folded. I feel so much better! On to the next bin!

  2. a great idea…mine are folded and visible and I started out with a shelf for each color…but, alas, as time goes on I have too many blacks so they have drifted into other spaces and the system is slowly deteriorating…also have piled so many on top they are falling off….😏

    1. Thanks Margaret…it is a tiny bit inspirational. I think I’m going to make a pile of fabric I don’t really want and take it to quilt group next month for a give-away saving only what truly inspires?

  3. For me it is not material but the whole house…..I will give this organize by color plan some thought. But the donating for sure I can do! Thanks for the inspiration. xoxo

  4. You box looks great! I’ve tried this once but I’m a hopeless case the next time I work on a quilt I mess everything back up then just stuff it back in the tub … with I’ll do it later.😲🤷🏻‍♀️😁

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