Lucinda Parker at Russo Lee

Today was first Thursday, which is good news for you guys.  It means you have a whole month to get to the Russo Lee Gallery at 21st and Johnson NW in Portland to see new paintings by Lucinda Parker, who currently has a newly opened retrospective at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art in Salem (curated by the well known and truly talented Roger Hull)…up until March 31st.  Today was “Sidney Day” so we went by the gallery this morning to see the new work…and it’s lively.  Do go take a look at the paintings which are beautiful, good-natured and seem to sing.  As luck would have it we saw some of them in her studio in early December and what fun to see them complete and framed on the Gallery wall.  She worked hard in December and January, as you can see…

and the small gouaches are absolutely not to be missed…almost all sold even this morning…

This work is about love of place, mastery of technique…American painting at its best.


  1. Bonnie,

    Enjoyed the post, and will hurry to Russo Lee! Thought you would want to know about the typo…



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