George Rodriguez and John Stahl

Two exhibits open this weekend at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art. We got to preview the fantastic George Rodriguez show during installation the other day and really…this shouldn’t be missed. The scale is huge and the work is gorgeous…

Here are a few of the “Georges”

Rodriguez was born in El Paso of immigrant parents and he digs deep into his historic and cultural material in this work. Now a Seattle resident in his mid-thirties this exhibit has much to think about and provides us with somebody to watch going forward. This exhibit is beautifully curated by Jonathan Bucci who spotted Rodriguez’ work a few years ago in Seattle.

Also on view in an exhibit curated by Roger Hull is the work of Oregon painter John Stahl, Museum School graduate, outdoorsman, inveterate maker…a good look at work made over 40 years of a life well lived. Accompanying this show is a book by Hull and others entitled “John R. Stahl: A Life in Art”.

Better plan to come to Salem this summer.


  1. Jane and I are already looking for a Friday afternoon to get down to Newberg for your show, now we’ll have to tack on a detour to Salem as well!

  2. Dear Bonnie and Roger: Wow! This work by George Rodriguez and John Stahl is magnificent—and like nothing I’ve seen before. I hope there will be a permanent home for the exhibit—perhaps eventually in a museum devoted to Latin art.

    Roger, this weekend I re-read, from start-to-finish, your earlier work on Manuel Izquierdo. (I had read it about five years ago, right after receiving a copy from you.) You and Bonnie, working independently and in collaboration, have contributed greatly to the recognition and preservation of extraordinary artists who might otherwise have gone unappreciated.

    My love to you,


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