Is It Still Fun…?

Nope.  It isn’t.  And we’re only a couple of weeks in.  Our county has the second highest infection rate in the state.  It’s raining.  I woke up early and read all the predictions for our future….eek.  Our son messaged us that really he and his family would not be able to leave the Virgin Islands for a year. Getting exercise is hard…what to do about all of this?  Nothing really.  “Live in the moment” takes on a whole new meaning.

So what do we have today?

Zoom exercise?

Chicken soup?

make muffins from the barley flour at the bottom of the freezer?

A Kim Murton plate?

Begin to wonder what the stages of isolation are?  What the dissertation will be like written by a Gen C student 25 years from now…”The stages of isolation begin with denial, and then move to…”

In the meantime my “reading group” met today via phone (but we always do…Santa Fe/Denver/Salem) and we tried to compile two movie lists…”movies where nothing much happens” and “calming movies” (you can get Google results on both)…any suggestions?

Attention Salemites (“Salemanders?): Aspinwall’s has these amazing boxes which they will deliver…fruit, oatmeal, peach jam, honey, pasta, asparagus, potatoes, avacado and tomato, potatoes and onion, shortbread cookies…if you want to treat an elder (thank you Jessica) or yourself…think local.  Keep in touch out there.





  1. Thank you Bonnie .. I have really enjoyed your blogs …. today was especially thoughtful and hit home …. peggy schlegel

  2. Movies to love: Mumford, Cold Comfort Farm, The Castle.
    Thanks again to you, Bonnie, your soup looks like it will be delicious.

  3. Always love your words and pictures. Thank you. As for movies, “Inside Llewyn Davis” is one of my favorites and the soundtrack is wonderful too!

  4. It’s the rain, though we need it badly, i wish it would come at another time. Being stuck inside is different than Stay at Home.

  5. Here’s a movie: Lost in Translation. I wrote down the other movies suggested.
    I was hoping to ride my bike this morning, but it’s raining in Dallas including some gentle rolling thunder, which is nice.

  6. Good for Aspinwalls…been a fan for years and a great idea! Tried sewing masks but hordes got there first…which is a very nice comment on volunteers..back to seeing bags and have found myself cleaning places I don’t normally even see…kitchen baseboards, a closet or two…

  7. I have to second ‘Cold Comfort Farm’, a family favorite (now don’t let that scare you off).

    And we recently enjoyed watching ‘Get Shorty’ (1995) with John Travolta an a star studded cast. It’s based on Elmore Leonard’s book of the same name and was recently reviewed in The Guardian.

    Sending party vibes your way!

    Love you guys

  8. First – Salamanders for sure. And thanks for the tip.
    Second – I watched The Upside last night. Normally I would have found it a little too Hollywood, but it was sweet and had a happy ending and I was entertained so that I wasn’t thinking about all of the chaos going on. It might be just the thing. You can rent/stream it on Amazon.

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