Week Seven

So…I’m beginning to feel odd.  I’m tired of the internet.  I’m tired of inspirational messages about …everything.

I’m tired of myself and generating self-oriented content daily for projects.  My hair’s too long.

I’m feeling like a cannibal, like I’m eating myself alive…so I adapted Heidi Grew’s clay piece to fit my Monday morning blues.

I checked the calendar and this is the start of week seven of staying home.  I’ve baked, cleaned the shower thoroughly, washed the slipcovers, made drawings, done some sewing and watching, read a lot, taken walks, done a bunch of weeding and sat in the garden…all the same stuff you’ve  been doing.  Nothing like what some people are currently forced to go through…we have food and supply lines…we’re okay really.  (I haven’t got the ukulele out yet…maybe week 8 for that one.)

Last week I got two different envelopes of stuff in the mail from artists (thank you Claudia and Linda)…and one included this poem by Ada Limon

“Look, we are not unspectacular things.  We have come this far, survived this much.  What would happen if we decided to survive more?”

So i responded in kind today by going through my drawers and sending things (I still have the wing nut though).

and Ellen sent her snail blog methodology of how she lines up the group (“Couples II” ), numbers them and stamps them, and the stacks them neatly to write everyday.  Here’s the visuals…Ellen first

they’ve arrived in Salem…

and then today this HORRIFYING thought…

I’m with Ellen…let’s just live in the moment.

Keep in touch friends.





  1. Hard to believe we are on week seven #&@)%!!! God, i hardly know what day it is, thank you for keeping track.
    You are so right that we are lucky. Food, clothing and shelter. I think of the poor souls who have either very little or none of the above. And wonder how or for how long they can go on.
    To date, i know no one personally that has caught the virus. I hope that continues.
    Just wish i wasn’t afraid to go to the store. That is something i will have to do soon. Thinking of it as a REALLY big adventure with my mask and precious little bit of hand sanitizer.

  2. We were on the same page in the book of “funk” yesterday. I hate those days where I’m just waiting to get through them. Grateful they are few and far between. Love you woman! Thank you for saying what we are all feeling.

  3. Bonnie Dear. Thank you for persevering in continuing with your generous daily offerings to people like me.. too sluggish to perform such an effort. My energy is gone. Much of my interest is gone. Nightmares of spectacular dimensions. I know… sounds like depression. So who isn’t? And then one of your wonderful (truly they are all wonderful!) posts comes through!! Even your mild complaints are music of companionship and camaraderie!
    You are a blessing! OX

  4. I read this post the day you posted it and felt your discomfort. Today I returned because the words regarding self cannibalism describe my kind of day today.I am bone weary, disillusioned, impatient and jittery all at once. Somehow, reading your post this day let me feel like I am in company. Not feeling alone lends some sort of normalcy in the midst of the indescribable. Thank you for your posts, your insight and your company. Mags.

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