Bluebell Alert

The first spring we lived here and I started with this garden I thought the bluebells were so nice I gathered armloads of them (oh I should have known, eh readers?) and brought them in.  40 years on I consider them weeds and my annual drill is to get as many out as I can before they set seed…ugh.

today though I brought these in to make a drawing and then face-timed with Jennifer and the drawing wound up being about the conversation and NOT the bluebells…

Lady’s mantle may go wherever it wants though…

keep in touch…


  1. All my bluebells have turned white and I had no idea they are an invasive😬😳

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  2. Ahhh, bluebells! I have had the same experience. When i first started the garden at the secret hide away the whole place was covered with em….so pretty. Since, i have been digging them by the bucket fulls. But they do keep on keep’n on. At least they are pretty!

  3. I wrote a tome about those wild hyacinths in a reply, but somehow i didn’t do something right and it disappeared. i saw an incredible stream made of grape hyacinths once, and so i bought a ton of bulbs and planted them in our idea of a “stream” Turns out they are as invasive as their wild cousins, the bluebells, but tidier somehow. Meantime, the diggers replant willy nilly any bulb they find. It’s a losing battle. I now make a point of cutting all the greenery off the bluebells before it all turns into slime with the rains.

  4. Bluebells are a joy to me, woods full of them in England, and my old back yard on Marion St. here, beauty with no effort.

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