“Memory As Myth”

It turns out my exhibit, “Memory as Myth”…due to open today at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, was perfectly titled.  On June 6th Roger Hull’s Clifford Gleason exhibit “The Promise of Paint” was to have a grand opening and it would be the opening reception for me too.  So we join artists and curators everywhere, patrons, enthusiasts, gallery-goers, fans, nay-sayers…all of us and you, locked out.

This is where having your own blog comes in handy though…a few glimpses of this particular myth:


“Pool” and “The Long, Long Hall”

“Pop’s Floor”

parts of the 19 foot long drawing…”In the Shadow of the House”

and the title of this one reflecting the truth…”And the Sun Still Shines”

Keep in touch friends…


  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful works. Hoping your exhibit will be rescheduled so we can view it as you planned it.

  2. I am sorry your exhibit was postponed, but on the positive side, this has given us some time to be still, reflect and create. I am really looking forward to exploring all the art when we are allowed to!

  3. What an exciting sneak peek!!! Mind blowing work, can hardly wait to see it in person!!!

  4. Bonnie, I am so sorry your exhibit has been put off. I hope it is rescheduled. Let us all know so we may attend.

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