Damn It

This would have been the Garden Tour day, Patrick’s wedding in Idaho, tomorrow the kids and the grands would have arrived for the summer.  The world would not be in turmoil and contaminated…if only…if only…

So this post is for my reading group.  We are three…one in Denver, one in Santa Fe, and me.  We read things and then just talk…the book, the author, our mess of the world, our lives, illness, gardens, and lately riots, helicopters circling the Denver Capitol, people who don’t wear masks…racial injustice, the Supreme Court, anxiety.  Anxiety.  Both commented on my last blog post about the little building at the back of the garden…my sewing studio…a place of low anxiety…

So this goes out to Linda and Mary.  We cheer each other up.  One day I made a drawing with them both on speaker phone.  We go waaayyy back.  My sewing studio is a mess but come on in…

It’s a small but cheerful place, a place for working (to see it really clean check this)

and no big quilts lately…I’m too scattered and have a shorter attention span of late…I tried to do the Marie Kondo thing of folding…and it was helpful but took HOURS…

so I’ve reverted to type…

It’s pretty simple with the ironing board on one side and the machine on the other…my Juki…

and good views of the garden…

a garden shrine…

some paintings from last year’s show

some ideas that didn’t work…

some inspiration

Lately I’ve been making some placemats…just the right sort of project for a couple of serene hours…and then the right sort of thing to quilt while edging toward the outskirts of Netflix tolerance…

Keep in touch…






  1. I know, I feel for you. I won’t let thinking of travel or would be visitors. I have blocked it out. Thks for the tour of your sewing studio. I call mine the Nest…feathered, of course. Love the plaxemats.

  2. So many losses over just a few days time. Your sewing studio is definitely an oasis and refuge during this forked up time. And I love your immaculate, beautiful, peaceful yard.

    1. Made by my Auntie Pat for my doll…they arrived as a birthday present in a big box…these are the ones that are left…can’t think exactly what to do with them…???

  3. Bless your loving, heavy heart dear Bonnie. Such multilayered sorrow we see. Share. Weep over.

    Somehow…someday…we WILL hold hands in solidarity, conquer injustice, and hug again. CANNOT WAIT! ♥️♥️♥️ Marlie

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  4. Well….i’m still not knocking visiting your adorable studio off my bucket list, but you must know, it brought me a great deal of happiness to see it here!!! A place of solitude and inspiration, something we all need. I was very curious about that green box on your table, when voila!!! A close up! OMG, a girl and her dog. I bet i know a few others who would covet that (and Irene, i’m not naming names).
    And the north light with a view of your most gorgeous garden. You put so much thought into this, and i love it very much! You are such role model.
    Your placemats are winner winner, chicken dinner!
    Thank you dear Bonnie, for this intimate and heartwarming tour. xoxo

  5. Dear Bonnie, I was very touched by your nod to Mary & I. Yes, we do go waaaayyy back. Your “Studio in a Garden” is heavenly. Thank you for offering a slice of paradise in these terrible times.

  6. Love seeing your sewing studio! I think I spotted a familiar Laura Ashley pattern in one of your bins. Such tough times with so many plans cancelled and particularly disheartening are those that involve family and grandchildren. Some days it feels a true burden to push through. Sending a virtual hug and love.

  7. Your studio looks great! I LOVE your placemats! Are you selling any? I have been looking forever and yours would look great on my table! . xox

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