Black Lives Matter

Systemic racism is a white problem.  We made it and we need to help solve it, starting now.  Like you, I continue to read and try to understand all the ramifications of this.  Here’s two more:—4.0-styling

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  1. It seems weird to click a “like” for this – what is in any way likeable about the appalling state of this country in the the year 2020?
    But thank you for the links.

  2. Great links, thanks Bonnie. Rob and I highly recommend seeing Ava DuVernay’s documentary 13th on Netflix, about the 13th Amendment and systemic racism in America.

    1. Thanks Carol…and when we feel like we want to stop reading and thinking about this is the exact moment when we need to realize that 40% of the US population can NEVER stop thinking about this, using too much brain power to find ways to circumvent this racist system in place. By 2045 the white population is expected to be less than 50%…Sidney and Vivien will be in their 20’s and will live in a very different world. I hope some of this can be dismantled by then.

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