Personal History

On June 24, 1970, Roger Hull and I drove into Salem, Oregon.  It was Soap Box Derby day with the date painted in big letters on the bottom of the track in blue.  I thought I might always remember that date, and I was right.  It was a big month for us, June, 1970.  R received his PhD from Northwestern University, I quit my job at the university and we said goodbye to my family and headed west in a uhaul truck…pulling our VW  behind.  He began teaching at Willamette University.  I learned how to can and bake bread and make art.  We hiked.  We went to the beach.  We went to the mountains.  We thought we’d move on in five years, but we didn’t.  This was before writing and art making and babies and house renovations and travel and books and museums and exhibitions and …a lot.


  1. WOW! 50 years….and what a long (wonderfully) strange trip it’s been. You both have given so much to this community, we have been fortunate you stayed. Thank you. And gads, you’re both still as adorable as the day you arrived. xo

  2. What a wonderful photo. We arrived in Salem in 1973 from Long Beach California after David graduated from CSULB. We were driving our van full of all of our belongings. 4 daughters and 2 grandsons later and here we still are!

  3. . . .oh, so Cute…………….he looks SOOO “PHD-ish”………….Lucky Willamette and all of the rest of us !!

  4. Congratulations on 50 years! What a wonderful story, a toast to yoy 🥂 We all have a way of sprouting roots .And there is so much more to be written in your story.
    We to arrived in Portland in 1980, we had a five year plan. just graduated and Dave started working for some new start up call Nike(You May have heard of them) , those pesky roots kept us all firmly planted where we needed to be, I suppose. However we’re currently trying to flee the suburban sprawl

  5. I think I read that wrong I was thinking it was 50 years marriage oh well congratulations anyways LOL

  6. Happy Arrival Day! Gee… five years later, I arrived on the WU campus and, with many others, fell under the Prof. Hull spell. Thank you for staying a bit longer 🙂

  7. I am so amazed at how quickly all those years went bye,bye!! Great photo of you two–looking into the future. Actually, you BOTH still have a lot of that !!

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