Clifford Gleason and Bonnie Hull at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art

We are still hopeful that these two exhibits will see the light of day opening August 20th with no events or fanfare.  “We” includes the curator of both exhibits Roger Hull, and me.  Roger Hull has been working on the Clifford Gleason exhibit “Clifford Gleason: The Promise of Paint” (monograph of the same title due out on August 20th) for several years actively…finding the work, creating exhibition lists, visiting collectors, mentally organizing the exhibit and writing the monograph.  A lot of time, planning and effort goes into any exhibit.  We were in the museum yesterday and most of the big paintings have yet to be delivered, but the work already there promises a well deserved look at the work of a “painter’s painter”… Clifford Gleason.  Gleason was raised in Salem and did much work here off and on throughout his life beginning here…the murals for Bush Elementary School…

But yesterday this is what it looked like as R, exhibit designer Silas Cook and collections curator Jonathan Bucci surveyed the work on hand…

Most of the paintings arrive next Monday so stay tuned.  Wonder what Clifford would think of all this? (Jack McLarty’s portrait of Clifford on the right)

The second exhibition, in the upstairs gallery, also hopefully opening August 20, 2020, is of my work, “Bonnie Hull: Memory as Myth.”  For this artist, the curator has provided support of varying kinds for 50 years or so, but never critically as in this case.  The exhibit is installed with my “vinyl” (exhibit title and my name) yet to be added above this series of small paintings from the spring of 2020…

and the installation was done with amazing attention to detail…

When installing this drawing from the Corona series (“16,600 Marks Representing a Fraction of the 100,000 Lost to us”  from May of 2020)

preparator Fred Soelzer even camouflaged the magnets holding up the drawing so no single mark was lost to the eye…

This drawing from 1979 came out of a bedroom closet…

Both exhibits open August 20th at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art in Salem.  My exhibit runs until October 17th and Clifford Gleason until October 31st, though to be on the safe side you might want to plan to come earlier rather than later…Covid-19 making planning nearly impossible.    Later there will be on-line images and possibly even a voice-over tour of each exhibit.

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  1. Oh Bonnie, your art takes my breath away. I wish so much we had been able to spend time with each other in our lifetimes. Not sure of the level of cousin-ness we share, but it is there. My oldest lives in Port Angeles WA, with her wife and their daughter. I have forwarded your last post to her and asked that they try to make the trip to see your showing. If I didn’t live so far away, I would make every effort to be there. Feel so lucky to be able to share your posts.

  2. Bonnie Hull my names Stephanie Peterson, I live in Whitefish Montana I came across some of Clifford’s oil paintings. Can you please give me a call when you have a chance I’d greatly appreciate it. 406

  3. Thanks, Bonnie, for the exciting preview of two terrific exhibits. It’s wonderful that you and Roger are exhibiting together. We are looking forward to these shows, long delayed but worth the wait!

  4. Hooray & Hallelujah for you and for all of us! I have had your show on my calendar even longer than the Democratic Convention! I sent a reply at the first flutter of news of the rescheduling of yours and Roger’s shows. But being talented not at all with text media, I apparently sent my cheers into the ether. I am so looking forward to this, Bonnie! Thank you for the exciting documentation of the hanging & arranging behind the scenes. Congratulations on what promises to be wonderful exhibitions!

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