The Hallie Ford Museum is Open!

This quarantine has provided us with a lot of sad moments, a lot of “meh” moments, and a few very exciting moments.  In May the Clifford Gleason and Bonnie Hull exhibits were due to open but…alas, Covid 19.  Today though, today was one of those very exciting moments.  Today was the first open day in five months for the Hallie Ford Museum of Art in Salem…opening day for “Clifford Gleason: The Promise of Paint” and “Bonnie Hull: Memory as Myth.”

When we drove up we immediately saw the banner outside the museum (the one for me is on the other side of the building…just kidding)

and then we headed in…

These are called “window clings”

Masks are required…

even for curators…

And okay…this was my favorite moment…going up the stairs seeing the newly hung Larry Poons (which resonates nicely with Gleason’s work) and then the last flight to the Study Gallery…

AND THEN…woohoo!

Museum Director John Olbrantz was happy to have the museum open again…

and the Gleason show glows…

so mask up

and go take a look…let us know what you think and, as always….

Keep in touch.

P.S. don’t miss this Yayoi Kusama currently on loan and on view…




  1. Congratulations! Show looks wonderful on lone and am sure even better in person. Am looking forward to exploring your sketch books too. I think sketch books tend to be intimate peaks into a persons life at a given time. Bravo!.

    1. Thanks Bob…it’s been a cliff-hanger (will it? won’t it? will it?) but it is nice to see the work up. The thing about the drawing books, as you know, is that some of them have 10 good drawings and some not…how to choose. I really do love to look at other people’s books because they ARE a more intimate look at the thought process. Hope you can make it down to see the exhibits.

  2. So excited to see your show!!! Thanks for the preview and i loved the parting shot of Sandra and Dave. The perfect ending…..

  3. Bonnie, you should have seen our mouths drop open when we got to the “mask up” ending of this lovely document! Thanks for including us in this way. We are both very excited about seeing these two shows and will undoubtedly see them many times as there is a lot to take in. The back wall color in the study gallery really shows off the collected drawings and the white barrier plank on the floor is perfect with it. Your show is nicely hung. We also enjoyed the signage for your exhibition outside the museum. Dave figures that black structure holding it must get filled with water to add stability. Is so?

    1. Gosh I don’t know…I should have kicked it. You two in masks are as handsome a couple as you are without…glad this didn’t make you mad…look forward to your feedback when you get to the museum. I’m very happy this is not a myth! xo

  4. I love everything about your blog! I am going to check out the show which will be a nice get away during this pandemic!

  5. Congratulations, Bon!! I can’t wait to see your well deserved exhibit. I will be down to Salem for it in the beginning of September.

  6. Super congratulations dear Bonnie!!
    I can’t wait to see it!! Any plans to be there on certain days? I would so love to see YOU in person (at an appropriate distance of course)
    I am going to have a series of surgeries for malfunctioning veins. I want to make sure that I get to see your show & if at all possible, you, before or after or somehow, sometime!!! Wonderful wonderful!!!

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