Mood Elevation Needed

One week until the election…anxiety is high…only one thing to do…yep…car wash time. We inadvertently paid for more than the express wash (hard to speak distinctly through a mask ) BUT…we got the colored soap!!!

Keep in touch.


  1. I love the car wash too — always a lift — but it costs a lot. The Dump, now that’s free, and for some reason I get a lift from that place, or actually any dump. Actually landfill and recycling center combined. Probably the dump is not a politically correct term, but you know what I mean.

    I wondered why on earth I like dumps so much. After all, parts of them even stink (compost/ garbage bins, e.g.) and I hate bad smells. I thought about it, and all I could come up with is an association of going to the Star Valley dump a couple of times with Paul, and getting to offload a bunch of construction trash from his truck there with him. That was fun and being with Paul just makes me happy. I miss him a LOT. guess the dump is now as close as I’ll get to him for a while yet. . . ,

    Sigh, E

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    1. The dump at Camp Sherman has an attendant who plays the saxophone while you off-load…many years ago we took a load And found a very rickety but cute and useful old typewriter table…with wheels. We still have it…

  2. What a lovely car wash! We may have to try that sometime. It was good enough to distract me for awhile from the election next week. I am sure we are all at a point where it is hard to wait one more day. But wait we must.

  3. If my car didn’t take on water, I’d give the car wash therapy a try. The nerves are jangled past endurance. Being so close to the source of the rot here is….well….

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