Trying to Heal

Roger and I and our neighbor Gloria are trying to take back the sanctuary of our gardens after the recent ugly moments. The gun fight left marks here…

Our niece Fanny suggested burning sage to dispel the negative energy. I’m not much of a believer in such things, but the “negative energy” was strong the minute you walked out the back door.

A few years ago I bought a bundle of white sage when visiting Mary in New Mexico…just because I thought it was beautiful …

So today I decided to try it in an effort to move forward…

I first followed the path of the bullets…

And then I moved through both gardens fanning the smoke into the air and finally over the spot where the man died. I immediately felt better. Only when I got home did I Google burning sage to discover that by “smudging” I was guilty of cultural appropriation. Apologies here, but it worked.

Gloria and I will clear away the wreckage and I’ll help her plant something new…she has ideas…

Keep in touch.


  1. Smudging is not cultural appropriation. It and incense are used by many cultures and religions. Bonus points for smudging during a full moon. Release the negative energy and begin the healing of the home and garden. If you kept the ash from the smudging you can bury it in the yard. Only a suggestion from a hedge witch. May the peace and serenity return to your home and garden,

  2. Well done. I can’t imagine that the indigenous people who brought “smudging” to our attention would object to our using it in an appropriate manner. Poor tree, will it need attention from an arborist?

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