And Now, the Winter Ahead

We do the familiar things. The furniture and umbrellas come in off the deck, the porch. We make soup. We read and draw and cut the last Hydrangeas from the garden. We vote. We prune…

But this winter is perilous. The Covid-19 virus is raging around the country and the cases are so numerous that the list of victims now includes people we know. We have masks and even masks with filters. We stay at home, sometimes taking a little drive into the country to remind ourselves where we live. We cannot see our grandchildren. We cannot hug our children. They are out in the world more than we and that seems dangerous for us. We have “underlying conditions”…

The holidays will be quiet, though we will try to invent some fun. We’ll get some more twinkle lights and put them up. We’ll “spatchcock” a half turkey for Thanksgiving (as Rod said, half the fun is just saying the word). Delia has given us her recipe. We’ll try to imaginatively eat every odd thing in the freezer as a cooking project.

We’ll make our Christmas gifts this year…or go through the cupboards and do our shopping…most of all, we’ll hope to survive. And from here, is my heartfelt wish that all of you are careful, vigilant and focused on surviving. Keep in touch…


  1. Your plan to ‘shop’ your cupboards reminds me of a 224 practice of shopping for Christmas gifts at the ‘3rd Floor Gift Shop’ where many odds and ends of kitchen dishes were left by Grandmother when she & HJ moved to the Binmore.

    Love to you both from our seclusion to yours

  2. What a great piece. You have a way with words that has you making an art of living “the quiet” life that we’ve been given. Thanks.

  3. Not being able to go out or see people does make me thankful for the times when we could gather and travel. Thankful we have a large enough house that we can have some alone time. With grocery and food deliveries we have met a lot of new people at the edge of the porch. Twinkle lights are a must when the nights grow longer.

  4. I shall remember the wonderful Thanksgivings I spent with you and your family. I shall hold onto those memories throughout this season. I really think we are on the brink of getting a vaccine. I am remaining hopeful.

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