Cutler City, Oregon

Let’s back track a little.  Cutler City, site of our aforementioned beach house, is at the far south end of the “Ten Miracles Miles” known as “Lincoln City” (a made-up name used to designate the small towns of Ocean Lake, Delake, Nelscott, Taft and Cutler City, which became as one in March of 1965).  Historically […]

New Mexico!

In July I dashed to New Mexico for a luxurious and fun week with Mary, a friend from the Chicago days (we go wayyy back…).  I flew in from Portland and she from Chicago… and we met at the airport.   After a great dinner and proper toast we headed out of Albuquerque for Mary’s house… […]

Peggy Guggenheim’s Venice House

I was reading in the New York Times about the current controversy between Peggy Guggenheim’s heirs, and the Guggenheim Museum’s administration of the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice, and I feel like making a brief comment about a place I really loved. The museum is in the beautiful palazzo Guggenheim had built on the […]


Well not exactly news actually, but news to me.  My friend Karen is an archivist of sorts…she saves, she bundles, she files…then she purges by sending off the myriad clippings and files she has saved to the people she knows are interested.  The other day this came in the mail… And she’s right…I love quonset […]