New Mexico!

In July I dashed to New Mexico for a luxurious and fun week with Mary, a friend from the Chicago days (we go wayyy back…).  I flew in from Portland and she from Chicago…

NM 1

and we met at the airport.   After a great dinner and proper toast we headed out of Albuquerque for Mary’s house…

a toast

the weather was beautiful…


the views were excellent…NM...MOUNTAINS

New Mexico columns


there were gifts…


good food in famous restaurants…

cafe lunchCasa la SenaelFarol

farm saladscallo[s on black bean cakes

and ART!  Two excellent shows at the New Mexico Museum of History.  One was Pinhole photography which I wanted to see because Ellen’s friend Sarah Van Keuren is a well-known photographer specializing in pinhole photography.  On the odd chance there might be a piece of Sarah’s in the show, we went…

Pinhole 1

…and it was a beautiful show…


which in fact DID have a piece of Sarah’s…

Geometric landscape

and a quote from Sarah on the wall…

pinhole 3

Next door was a show on the variety of images of the Virgin Mary from Mexico and Central America and this was also a beautiful show proving that we were culturally ignorant and many of the paintings and sculptures dated from the 1600″s and 1700″s…

Virgin 1


and this riveting “Our Lady of Sorrows”

Our Lady of Sorrows

with some current imagery as well…

NM 2

On the way to Santa Fe we stopped to see an amazing bottle arrangement…

LerpyLeroy's bottles

and while there met Leroy…the artist who has spent 10 years adding to this array…

Leroy'sd card

I noticed a sign for the Cerrillos Historic District and asked for a detour which delighted us both.  Cerrillos was a major stop on the turquoise trail…home of three or four major turquoise mines back in the early 20th century…if you’re out that way it is well worth a detour (short) off the highway.  Many Italians settled there back in the day…

cerrillos Berardinallei

Cerrillos 3

Cerrilos sunflower 3

Cerrilos 1

Cerrillos sunflowers 1

Cewrrillos sunflower 2

cuerillos Pin

and there must still be an Italian around someplace…


there was also a building under restoration giving a brief visual tutorial on adobe…

Adobe 1

adobe 3

we tried to go to the encaustic gallery just north of Cerrillos, but alas it was only open on the weekend…luckily it had cool things by the gate though…

encaustic AI

encaustic stacvk

encaustic ASI tree

Our days were full, our goodbyes were heartfelt…I headed home…






  1. loved this vicarious visit to new mexico. been awhile since we’ve been there. ‘our lady of sorrows’ is haunting & familiar, as if one knows her. the oversized safety pin hanging from a thin, gerryrigged line, the structural poles with their tin hats, the sculptures outside the encaustic art institute… & so much more. delish.

  2. Thank you, Bonnie, for this vicarious visit to New Mexico. I was born in Santa Fe and have friends in Albuquerque, but I haven’t been back for fifty years. Some things haven’t changed.

  3. Thanks for allowing this short vacation with you, Bonnie! I needed that breath of high-country air & art! Beautifully photographed & presented, as always: perfect.

  4. Just getting to this and to see your NM pictures. Love that huge, blue sky! Sounds like you had a great time.

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