Ideas for Cutler

Here were a few of the conceptual drawings done by the team in response to many hours of conversation with residents. These are preliminary drawings–we haven’t seen the final report:

One idea the residents had was a bench and view site at each public beach access–this one viewing toward the dock site. Each view site would include a bench, a trash container and a dog “station”.

This would be the view site, connected to a raised walkway (note the figures at left of drawing) going around the perimeter, at the south end of Fleet. Here there is an eagle’s nest.

The idea here is to make a safe and attractive public walkway from Taft, across the bridge and into Cutler, around the point (Gibb’s Point historically) and to connect up with our existing rather lovely nature trail through wild rhodies and wetlands.  The residents expressed a real interest in and a deep connection to our natural surroundings i.e. the Bay on three sides and the nature preserve and wetland behind.

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  1. Pretty nice stuff. They look like they’re doing okay. At least they aren’t trying to wreck the place. You should get them to include a rule that says you can’t tear down anything that’s swell, and you can’t build anything bigger than, say, 2,100 square feet (even that may be too big). And you can’t steal views from your neighbors. How did all this get going?

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