Living the Creative Life: D.E. May

Went up to the Regionnaires Club tonight to meet with Dan May, and Alisa Alexander. Alisa is a student at Willamette who is going to curate a show at the Hallie Ford in October–of Dan’s work. “Artist as Archivist.”

As always, the space was amazing, the work on view was amazing. We’ve known Dan a long time–maybe about 35 years, and the work just gets better and better. No words for this, just some images:

Dan’s desk and one of two “frame walls.” We were there to see the concept that Dan and Alisa had come up with for the show “Artist as Archivist”. Dan has always had an eye for detail and for the way the smallest thing can make into something big. They had put out a range of work, chosen by Alisa, for Roger to look at. It was kind of like Thanksgiving dinner.

And after looking and talking we went to “The Flight Deck” out at the airport, for a drink. Roll on October!

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