Living the Creative Life: Corrie Loomis-Dietz

Corrie was a photographer first, then a painter.  She makes huge photo-transfers and then paints them.  She lives in an old house they have almost finished restoring:

Today Corrie hosted a few artists for a brunch to welcome the fall.  The food was good, the talk lively.  Of course the highlight was seeing Corrie’s studio.

The morning light is good and you can put push pins in the walls–lots of storage–perfect!  And then the beautiful disarray that is a working studio for many of us:

Did I mention that Corrie is also a rep for Golden paint (brand of choice for many of us) and that she stays true to her employer!?

The one area I fell down on was photographing finished work, but here are some fragments:

I didn’t take photos of the whole house (even I have my limits!!), but did get this shot into the kitchen from the studio:

The season is launched!  Here’s Corrie:


  1. I think a book, even a Blurb Booksmart book, about studios would be terrific. I love seeing these installments. Get DSD to show you the Blurb program – I am doing a mockup with it for Next City. A bit clunky, but very usable.

  2. I’ve seen blurb–am making a birthday book for a friend on it. This fall will have more studio visits and then we’ll see–thanks for the feedback!

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