Lunch at the Johanson’s

After breakfast we jumped into the car and zoomed to Portland for lunch with George and Phyllis.  Sitting at the kitchen table eating soup and talking about cave art, inaugurations, snow storms, etc. I had to remark anew on the “valentines” that line the window sill (all made by George):

valentines valentine-2 valentine-3

After our wonderful cabbage soup we went for a studio visit to see what George was up to:

repaint-1 repaint-2

He’s repainted some of the paintings that were lost in the Fountain Gallery fire of many years ago in Portland.  Using photos, he recreated the images but has added things that were never there, to just make good paintings even better.


He’s got this one red painting going that’s really nice.  The image in the upper left is a painting of a life mask of painter Louis Bunce’s face.


We were there to pick up a Louis Bunce painting that George and Phyllis donated to the Hallie Ford Museum of Art.


George and Louis (long-ago colleagues at the Museum Art School–now PNCA) traded paintings and this was the one George got.  The back had an iteresting story:

bunce-back bunce-back-2

The title was “Interior for K” and it was painted in 1962.  It had a price of $300 on it.  George said it never sold so Louis was willing to trade.


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