January 20, 2009

Oh wonderful beautiful day.  How much all the faces watching the inauguration know that Bush has wrecked us, that we need help.  Aretha Franklin, Elizabeth Alexander, the man himself.  Michelle with her nuanced looking around, her quick smile.  Real people, at last, in the White House.  A moment to be savored no matter your color or age or nationality.  The helicopter takes off with the Bushes–back to Texas–and there they stand, those two Obamas,  holding hands.  Please god keep them safe.  My vantage point today was the same as most Americans, but even through the airwaves we felt we were there.

b-o1 b-m-o

A white man said to a black man on TV “This must be very moving for you,” and the black man said “What is moving me the most is all the white faces crying and joyful, just like all the black faces.”  What a moment.

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