Living the Creative Life: Ella Rhoades

I first got to know Ella at the beach through shared Urban Renewal meetings and projects.  When visiting her beach house (“The Cosmic Cottage”) I was delighted by all the mosaic work underway:


The Cosmic Cottage (the porch columns are all mosaic).


The mermaid shrine…

cosmic backsplash

kitchen backsplash at Cosmic.

So yesterday I visited her home and studio in Corvallis to see what’s she’s up to.


studio 1shoes

shelfcolor chart

Deep saturated color for the most part, whimsy, movement.  She’s done a lot of health care related things in the past few years including a newly completed mosaic (with her friend Wendy) at the hospital:

hospital 1

hospital 2

hospital 3

So many people participated the piece is already much-loved and the hospital has asked Ella and Wendy to come back and continue working!tree of life piece

Meanwhile back in the studio she’s working on a “Tree of Life” piece.

Additionally she does things for private  people working with contractors on tile surround in many areas.  In her own house she has these two pretty wonderful items:

head board

head board for master bedroom and tile surround for the fireplace:

fireplce 1

fireplace 2fireplace 3

She’s pretty fearless when it comes to taking on projects–her’s one to wacth for;

front wall

THIS ENTIRE WALL WILL BE MOSAIC!!  She’s planning a “bland” sort of quiet patter but then,

front wall 2

as you turn the corner, it will become a riot of color.  I asked her if she would make drawings or prepare a pattern and she says nope.  She just let’s it happen.

Stay tuned.


Thanks again Ella!


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