Living the Creative Life: Eunice Parsons

This July will be a month of showcasing the work of a incredibly talented artist who has been working in Portland making interesting work for 60 years, and is still working daily.  Eunice Parsons will be showing new work at the 12X16 Gallery in Sellwood July 2 to August 2 (and showing with her will be Salem painter Bonnie Hull).   The other day when I went south to Corvallis, Roger went north and visited Eunice’s studio.  He was there to choose some older work for a show at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art July 25th through September 20th (reception September 11 with the showing of a terrific video of Eunice working in her studio by Mark Andres and Prudence Roberts.)  Through her long career Eunice has painted in a variety of media but collage is her real area of interest.  Don’t miss these shows!

First, some work:

Hallie collage

“Intruder,” 2007  (collection of the Hallie Ford Museum of Art)

after Peto

“After Peto,” 2000


“Eastern Oregon,” 1976

Eunice on blue stool

Eunice, 12X16 Gallery director Cary Doucette and Roger first looked through work in Eunice’s front room before going up to the studio.

Eunice and Cary

Up in her attic studio she works on the floor creating each collage, and around her are boxes and bins and drawers of raw material collected over a lifetime:

studio drawers

(the irons are for weighting down paper once it has been pasted on)

studio 2

some boxes are sorted by color.

stuff windows

more stuff




“Untitled: Nice”


“Balancing Act”


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