First Friday opening, July 3

Even with the holiday, 1st Friday was fun up at 12×16 (though I have to admit 3 1/2 hours of being charming pushes the envelope a little…).window

Eunice and I both wrote our names on the front window (at the gallery’s request of course) and I drew the calla lillies.

12x16 2 12x16 1

The crowd was friendly and interested.  Eunice’s work looked smashing:


and a favorite moment of mine was Eunice and Paul Missal comparing notes:

eunice 2

One more opening this Sunday, 2-4 and then, well, back to work I guess–next show coming August 4-22, works on paper.

1 Comment

  1. Hey Bonnie, I went to your opening but everyone was so busy chatting and I didn’t know who you were so maybe next time. I loved your work, if it hadn’t been soo hot I would have stayed longer, great show, happy painting!

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