The Snail Blog

My friend Ellen lives in Vermont but always comes to visit every year.  This year in February we got talking about my computer/blogging life and her singing/hiking/non-computer life.  She began to develop the idea of the “Snail Blog”.  She took all the loser left over postcards in the drawer, numbered them from 1 to 100, and started sending them to me, day by day.  It has become a fascinating and wonderful experience, a way of knowing her life in tiny (sometimes hilarious, sometimes sad, often telling) increments.  I’m very sad to report that number 100 arrived today.  But let’s look at number 1:

# 1 +

and here we are at 50…half way through:


There were rules.  If she added in a card or two between two numbers the new cards were given the “a” or “b” designation:


Some days there would be no cards at all and some days..hooray…maybe 3 would come!  And maybe one of them would turn out to be a picture so perfect you could hardly believe it:


Some were “art cards” with paintings:


Some were “scenics”


some were funny:

deluxe mirror

and today, alas, number 100:



  1. Gosh, Bon, you sure know how to make something look a lot classier than it really was. I’m sad it’s over too. As I wrote in #100, I don’t like endings.
    Always love, E.

  2. E: Two people said to me today how they wished they could read all the cards and if they did they’d know the truth–you are a true gem. xxoo B

  3. Several years ago Goody Cable had an alphabet year, focusing 2 weeks on each letter. I sent her a postcard every single day with a quotation from someone whose name began with the current letter. For instance, first 2 weeks of January the quotes were all from A-named folks. Coolest part was at the end, when the Z party was at her coffee house, Rimsky Korsakoffee and she brought the entire collection of Runkel postcards to share!!

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