Project Space 2

Considering the time I spend on PS 2 I’ve been oddly silent about what’s happening down at 388 State Street.  Here are a few images and I’ll take some more photos this week.

Project Space 2 is an ongoing community exhibition space in Salem sponsored by the Salem Art Association for fully engaged professional artists.  There are 4 three-week long rotations of work, 6-9 artists showing at any one time.  The second rotation just completed week one, with a reception and well-attended artist talk Thursday night by sculptor Andries Fourie.  Additionally this rotation includes the work of MaryLou Zeek, Corrie Loomis Dietz, Jason Munana, Georgia Watson and Marilyn Krug.  I’m down there drawing for an hour or two most days–trying to fill up my drawing book.  The collaborative group (“Toward a Visual Dialog”) meets weekly and puts up new work in the front room on the second floor, responding to each other’s work and to the topics of discussion each week.

sign gargoyles

Last rotation included work by Alexandra Opie and Paula Booth:


Paula 1 Paula 2

This week MaryLou Zeek has two rooms for a fun exhibition and viewer-involvement piece.  In one room are her own postcards (photos to come) and in the other room are cards from artist friends

MaryLou #2

materials to make your own cards to send

MaryLou #1

and a little “postal desk” to work at or write a note

MaryLou #3

Corrie Loomis Dietz is showing big paintings which begin as photo transfers and imaginatively morph along the way:

Corrie #1

Corrie #2

Jason Munana’s gorgeous veils of color on plexi fill another small room:

Jason 1Jason 2Jason 3

The main floor room is filled with the sculputre-construction-painting of Andries Fourie–intriguing, crafted, they make you a little edgy (in a good way):

Andries 1Andries 2Andries 3

This week I’ll fill you in on MaryLou Zeek’s work, Marilyn Krug’s work and the collborative, as well as Georgia Watson’s intriguing work on paper.

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