The Height of Summer

This is it–the middle of the summer and a big heat wave coming.  Sharon called and said to come get some dahlias as they don’t like the heat coming toward us (102) so I went over early and we picked a bouquet to take to my Mom, a lover of pink.


Sharon has rigged up a cover to screen some of the flowers from the heat of the blaring late afternoon sun:

dahlia cover

and finally this week I put the binding on the “ugly fabric challenge” quilt.  Four of us took a pile of ugly fabric and tried to make it in to something nicer (not nice exactly–but nicer).  Sally and I took pink orange and purple and here’s how it looked on the wall before we divided it up:

ufc 3

We split it in half and here’s is Sally’s pretty terrific quilt:


My own version was a little wonkier but has it’s own charm

ugly fabric challenge quilt 1

and the back where the really ugly stuff is (no Kaffe on this side):

ufc 2

LeeAnn and Cynthia started out fast with the blues and greens and roof tops, but never crossed the finish line (this piece is in my sewing room right now I think, hmmmmm??)

ufc 5

Flowers, quilts and beach time (where I’m heading to get out of the valley heat).  That’s what summer is all about.  Stay cool friends.


  1. Checked NOAA today – yikes you guys are hot. But the dahlias, and the quilts, are gorgeous.

    Head to the beach!! (NOAA says 65 there).

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