Living the Creative Life: Elizabeth Baumann

Had coffee with Elizabeth and the adorable Alex the other morning.  It caused me to remember trying to make art on top of the washing machine, and other adventures of young motherhood.  I’ve known Elizabeth since before she was born so we go way back.  She is making nice paintings of a small scale and is just about to blow it all up and work larger, in part due to some thinking she’s done after an inspirational lecture by jewelry maker Nancy Worden.  This year there was a nice spread on her work in William Bragg’s “The Salem Project” and she has a blog and an Etsy shop.  In March she has a show in Sellwood at Tilde.  She has been working small because she has a small space, panels stored next to wine glasses in the dining room, with Alex nearby in her own creative world of castles and princesses.

I brought “Gertrude” home

and Liz has a painting of mine hilariously displayed:

Meanwhile Alex lives in her own imaginative world of castles and princesses


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