Elizabeth Bauman

I went over to Elizabeth’s for coffee the other day.  Her daughter Alex, our constant and much-loved companion last summer in Project Space, was in school, but Elizabeth showed me Alex’s current interest…legos…

Alex 1

(and guess what ladies…they have GIRL legos now…)


Last summer Alex was painting, cutting paper, drawing…in a concentrated and wonderful way…

alex 3Alex 2Alex 2012

But I was there to see Elizabeth and the end of her lonnngggg project, one that began in January of 2012.  Elizabeth wanted to work with a text.  She chose The Hobbit.  Not to illustrate it mind you, but to read a bit of text and form a visual idea, examining the concrete and imaginative as a way to the abstract.  Every page.  She thought she might make one painting a day, she thought she might throw out paintings she didn’t like, she had other ideas and thoughts that disappeared under the sheer weight of the project.

notebooksstackstack 2

She finished the project with well over 350 small paintings in watercolor, acrylic, gouache and ink.  I looked at the whole stack and it was fascinating, delightful, inspirational.

stack 3

stack 3 detailbreakfast

PLUS I got to see her new studio space carved out of the utility room…when I last visited her “studio” in 2009 she was painting on the dining room table…

studio space



felted piece

Well done, Elizabeth…

The end


  1. Hi, Bonnie. Enjoyed this post–Elizabeth’s idea is so interesting and what beautiful work came from such an undertaking. Concerning her new studio–I’ve often thought that smaller is better. My priority question is: Who cleans it? Anyway, also enjoyed seeing your beach house. You make me miss Oregon a bit! Hope you’re up and about now.
    best, nadia

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