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I went over to Elizabeth’s for coffee the other day.  Her daughter Alex, our constant and much-loved companion last summer in Project Space, was in school, but Elizabeth showed me Alex’s current interest…legos…

Alex 1

(and guess what ladies…they have GIRL legos now…)


Last summer Alex was painting, cutting paper, drawing…in a concentrated and wonderful way…

alex 3Alex 2Alex 2012

But I was there to see Elizabeth and the end of her lonnngggg project, one that began in January of 2012.  Elizabeth wanted to work with a text.  She chose The Hobbit.  Not to illustrate it mind you, but to read a bit of text and form a visual idea, examining the concrete and imaginative as a way to the abstract.  Every page.  She thought she might make one painting a day, she thought she might throw out paintings she didn’t like, she had other ideas and thoughts that disappeared under the sheer weight of the project.

notebooksstackstack 2

She finished the project with well over 350 small paintings in watercolor, acrylic, gouache and ink.  I looked at the whole stack and it was fascinating, delightful, inspirational.

stack 3

stack 3 detailbreakfast

PLUS I got to see her new studio space carved out of the utility room…when I last visited her “studio” in 2009 she was painting on the dining room table…

studio space



felted piece

Well done, Elizabeth…

The end