The Annex…an opportunity.

I’m embarking on a three month studio trial to see if a larger space impacts my work and brings something “New.”  I’ve been kindly given use of the annex–next to Bush Barn Art Center from February 1 til the end of April.  I move in next Wednesday and start my project which is pretty well developed in my thinking.  Tuesday I went to see the space.  The Annex was used for ceramics and classes, neither of which are currently being offered.  In September of 2010 the Salem Art Association intends to offer the space for juried “artist in residence” stints.  I’m the guinea pig for that project.  What can the artist get out of it, how to deal with the artists, what can the artists provide to the community.  In the meantime, I’ll be cranking out the work.  Probably there will be quite a few posts on the Annex in the next few months, but here’s the “before” and the lay of the land.  First the exterior east and west sides:

The interior is currently filled with office furniture being stored–which will be taken away next Tuesday.  Stay tuned next week for pictures of the place empty before I begin:

Meanwhile in the cottage studio work is humming away:


  1. Yow! It’s huge! Not so sure about the mirror on the ceiling, but looking like a great place to shape up for your next adventure. Congrats.

  2. congrats!!! you have a space to explore possibilities! i hope the door will be open to visitors. if only it were a quonset. :))

  3. Exactly! A quonset would be perfection. I still fantasize that I’m driving around…I see a quonset…it’s vacant…it rents for $200…etc. The door will be open for sure and there will be photos to be taken…

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