The Annex, week 2, and a Valentine…

A busy week in the new studio–though not as much time as I would have liked.  While I have this nice space I wish for all the details of daily life to go away for a few months but, alas, groceries, errands, the gym, etc.. still claim time.  This week too the auditors were using the loft space so not too conducive to working.  Still…here’s what’s up:

and here’s my “peel” from Corrie’s studio, with a new one on the way:

trying to sand wet paper was fun

but today time out for a coffee and a valentine dinner tonight.  Here’s to you my Valentines (and Thanks J & S for the coffee):


  1. thanks for the invite. cant wait to see your space and your work. I’m having surgery tomorrow but should be good in a couple weeks. i hope to see you soon and take some photos.

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