Friday report from the Annex…

The other day I found the plug for this string of lights which adds a jaunty air to the annex studio

After a month the studio is beginning to feel like my own, especially Friday when Deb and her volunteers arrived to get the art work for the big fund-raising auction THE CLAY BALL.  Everything has been stored in the annex and there has been a lot of activity with wrapping, etc. but Friday they packed it all into vans and took it away.  Stay tuned tomorrow for my report on THE CLAY BALL. Tonight come on down to the conference center for a gala and a chance to bid on a lot of work donated by valley artists, but especially the chance to support the Salem Art Association!!

So I begin the second month with a lower level of traffic which I think will aid concentration.  The “peels” are coming along–three done and the fourth underway:

So to sum up for the end of the first month:  4 sets of monoprints complete, two sets underway, a few small paintings completed, getting the feel of “peels” and absolutely loving all the space to work.  Thanks SAA for this opportunity

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